Cellphone addicted - The Handy-kapped



The Handy-kapped


Why do we become Handy-kapped? By sheer loneliness!
Humans are afraid of the void so they created a thing...
... but what kind of thing? A thing to avoid loneliness. A thing to send out smoke signals.
A thing that speaks without naming things.
A thing that cries for help, that sends out SOS signals from anywhere at anytime. That sends out a Save Our Souls but there is only one soul to be saved.
That sends out an SMS to anybody throughout the whole world. That sends out a SaveMySelf. In this sense humans have created the mobile phone, the cell phone, the natel, the handy. Seemingly or imagining lacking something, humans have become its slave, addicted! Handy-kapped ... because of the horror of the void.

Today, users stick it ... to the ear. One day users will transplant it into the ear ... or elsewhere?